A Comprehensive Approach

As the oldest of four siblings, with many younger cousins, Molly has always been a teacher at heart. (In fact, she actually taught English in Alexandria, Egypt after she graduated from Saint Michael’s College in 2009.)

Molly combines her love of Project Management and passion for teaching and team development by working with clients to adopt project management best practices and customizing their processes to align with their organization’s strategic goals.

A strong believer in the value of setting S.M.A.R.T. goals and the importance of data driven decision-making, Molly has designed and taught many workshops, mentored project managers, business analysts, quality assurance testers, developers, and support techs on topics such as :

  • Project management roles and responsibilities,

  • Software Development Life Cycle,

  • Agile Framework,

  • Resource Management

  • Change Management

  • Risk Management

  • Implementing MS Project

  • Implementing MS Teams and Planner



Replacing Ordinary with Extraordinary

There is nothing more exhilarating than starting with a blank slate and working with a talented team to bring a client’s vision to life.


Custom Development projects are near and dear to Molly’s heart and she has affectionately been dubbed “the question queen” by her project teams for her desire to fully understand the client’s needs and goals. From selecting the best methodology and project structure to help usher the client through the requirements and testing phases, to working with the stakeholders to balance often competing priorities, Molly works tirelessly as a conduit between the client and development team with exceptional results.


Perhaps one of Molly’s best known traits is her ability to challenge her teams to reframe issues into recommendations of what IS possible, rather than focusing on what is “not possible”.


The Path to Success

Technology vendors love to describe upgrade and migration activities as “straight forward” “low risk” “routine”. But the truth is, that depends.

Molly has been through some “quick and easy” upgrades, and she has been brought in on projects under duress where migrations have been stalled for months and implementations have taken days rather than hours to cutover.

Hindsight is 20/20 and Molly loves a good Project retrospective, so she’s happy to share a few Lessons Learned, to help clients ensure their project is a success! Perhaps the two most important are:

  1. test, Test, TEST (did we mention Test!!), and

  2. Do a dry run (and a damp run, and a soaking wet run if necessary!). The moral of the story is “better safe than sorry”.

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