Led by CEO, Molly Yanus, Echo Consulting is a project management firm focused on maximizing ROI for businesses undergoing technical transformation projects. Whether your company is considering rolling out a new solution, an upgrade of your current platform, or implementation of new process or software, Echo Consulting is your experienced guide throughout the process.


With a keen understanding of the pitfalls and major pain points during the transitional process, Echo Consulting gives you the leverage needed so that you can stay focused on growing your business. ​

Our Mission

At Echo Consulting, it is our mission to share the power of Project Management by : 

1.“WOW”ing clients and partners with our passion & purpose,

2. Delighting stakeholders with consistent positive results, 

3. Sharing our love for the art and science of Project Management, and

4. Treating every challenge as an opportunity to learn, iterate, and improve.

Our History

Molly Yanus fell in love with Project Management in the summer of 2012. The science of balancing competing budget and schedule constraints while optimizing outcomes called to her competitive spirit and drive to lead. Now, with more than :

  • 8+ years of technical project management experience,

  • 40+ clients helped,

  • Hundreds of cross-functional team members, and

  • Thousands of happy stakeholders, 

Molly is excited to continue to spread the power of Project Management by founding Echo Consulting, LLC. 

Join us and get excited about the power of Project Management!

Whether you need short term support for a mission critical system upgrade or implementation, or you are looking for a project leader to drive a custom development project, or you recognize the importance of an outside perspective to drive your team's results to the next level, Echo Consulting is here to help.


Whether you're growing quickly and need to supplement your team or your current team struggles with lack of project visibility, change management, constantly moving milestones, lack of accountability, low quality, etc. You are not alone!  Don’t fall into the trap of believing that a tool or another resource will be a fix-all! Reach out to Molly at Echo Consulting and find out how we can partner with you for exceptional, measurable results. 

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